What Dragon Boating Can Do For You

All round exercise for Muscle Growth, Aerobic Fitness, Core Strength, and Mental Wellbeing

Whether you already use a gym, participate in sport or are looking for a way to improve your strength, cardio or core, dragon boating can deliver results quickly.

With 7 sessions per week available, we can accommodate most people’s work and life balance.

Dragon boating provides an all round body workout to build strength in your upper body, lower body and abs. It has a massive impact on increasing shoulder, back, chest and abdomen muscle development in particular.

As an added bonus, the aerobic aspect of the sport in training alone provides complementary development by reducing excess body fat.

Complementary to your existing gym and sporting regime

Taking up dragon boating does not mean you have to discard your current gym or sporting participation. In fact it can benefit it by providing a body workout that will test your body in a different way.

It is widely recognised that the same routine week in week out will eventually flatten out your body imptovement. Dragon boat training and racing is rarelt the same for any session, consistenlt pushing you through ever varied workouts.

Conversely, dragon boating is also likely to complement your performances in the gym or your sporting activity.

Additional Health Benefits

As an outdoor sport, gain from training in fresh air, no air conditioning, plenty of light for natural vitamin D intake, with the opportunity to exercise on some of the most amazing water across the UK and further afield.

A well kept secret…

The 2nd largest hardcore participation sport in the world after football and now growing in the UK.