The Ancient Dragon is pleased, the war has started and his Dragons of Black & Gold have made their mark and it is a special one


What a great start to the season!!!

We started the day with the ladies who fought brilliantly, producing a stonking final run to win the 200m event. Our first win of the season, our ladies setting a mark for the rest of us to follow.
Our open team rose to the challenge of the 200m that was at least 250m and also powered through to win their final by nearly 3 seconds.
Our Bees Team had the hardest job, who, due to late withdrawals were down to 14 paddlers and had to go through some tough 200m races. Their stalwart nature showed throughout the day and was a testament to Amathus and its members.
Our Bees showed their metal in the 3.5km race. They produced their best result in this longer race. It was a real gutsy performance.
In the final race of the day, our open crew really showed their strength and quality overtaking two other crews and winning by nearly 40 seconds.
Many thanks go to all the Amathus members who made the journey and did all the organising through the day.
Jess and Janet were star performers throughout the day working so hard for both crews.
A very special thanks goes to all who stayed to help load the boats which took a really long time and some organising.



Crosby National League event on Sunday 1st May is less than two weeks. This is our nearest local event which we hope will be easier for some of you to attend. It is our intention to go to this event with two full crews, so that both our open and Bees crews have the best racing possible. Please make every effort to come and encourage others, particularly the newer people who have been turning out with us recently. Let me or Barbara know asap if you intend to come or not. Also please let us know if you have to change your plans. Not knowing through lack of communication is really difficult to deal with so try to make our lives a bit better, thanks.



After having their opening event cancelled due to bad weather we have agreed to help them on Sunday 24th April, so we will be taking a boat to Preston on Sunday morning and helping them Launch their own boat and showing them how to run training sessions. I hope that those who are free on Sunday will come to Preston for 10-15am meeting at the Marina Cafe. We will be doing a combined session or two with the Preston newbies so all are welcome. Please let me know if you are available. Please note that the Pink paddle will still take place at Liverpool as arranged.



For anybody not aware, Monday 2nd May is our Dragons and Flowers event supporting Pool of life and other charities. We will be setting up for this event on Saturday 30th April, if you are available either on Saturday or Monday please let us know and we will tell you how you can help.



We are hoping to document as much of the season as possible with photos and videos. Please upload any videos you have to youtube or email me at alternatively dvd's/cds are always welcome if you can pass them to me at training.