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Water Sports for Beginners

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This is all about having the opportunity to exercise in a single paddler boat but with the safety of qualified coaching. It’s as effective as any personal trainer gym session, covering core, cardio and strength. However it has the added benefits of being on the water, outdoors in a fantastic setting. The type of boat we use is an O1 (outrigger for 1 person) , similar to a kayak. You can see examples in the pictures throughout this article. Unlike a kayak we use a single blade paddle.

Water Sports for Beginners - O1s Liverpool

Having successfully run our first single paddler water sports for beginners (and less experienced paddler) session, Amathus are now holding a follow up class. Here we explain how the first one went. Hopefully we can encourage you to give a future session a go. Not only is it fun, but highly beneficial for a number of reasons. If so email, call or contact the club by social media to enquire for available slot

What Happens on Arrival

Liverpool Water Sports Centre

On arrival at the centre Amathus have a well worked procedure to ensure your safety in these times of social distancing. First it would be introductions to the coaches and other attendees. Then the head coach will give a briefing on safety, equipment and how the session will be set out. He will assign an individual coach to each beginner. The assigned coach will then help you with your boat and equipment.

How Does the Session Work?

Your assigned coach will look after you on the water. You will learn the the basic skills of becoming a competent 01 paddler. Following the session, each paddler can work towards club qualification of 01. Those skills include boat assembly, set up, safety checks and capsize procedures. For a more extensive list, see below. Although you will work with your own coach, the Amathus head coach will also provide further technical paddle tips throughout.

The majority of attendees find training on a 1 to 1 but as part of a larger group highly enjoyable. It can be a new experience that is also beneficial to the mind.

The session will last approximately 2 hours.

What Happens After?

When you return in your boat to the landing stage, your coach will again help advise on getting out. As part of club policy Coronavirus policy you will also need to clean down the relevant parts of your boat with the provided disinfectant materials.

What Do You Get from a Water Sports for Beginners Session?

  • Paddling is one of the best cardio-strength training combinations out there. If you’re looking to tone your legs, arms and core, take a break from the gym and try it.
  • The resistance of the water builds strength—often more efficiently than lifting weights in the gym. 
  • O1s can help tone your abdomen. In order to glide over the water, paddling takes a lot of core strength and movement. Body rotation in each stroke targets obliques and abs extensively.
  • A fantastic upper body workout for your back, arms, shoulders and chest, among other areas.
  • When paddling an O1 you will also use your legs to kick on each stroke and to steer the boat. Trust us you will feel the work on your quads and calves after a decent session.
  • As well as a strength workout, you will get a great aerobic push, raising your pulse and burning up to 500 calories in an hour!
  • Great for the mind too. Whether just stress relief or to get a purpose outside of work. It’s unique in that you are exercising on your own but as part of a social group. The best of both worlds.
What skills will I learn?

– Basic paddling technique
– Boat manoeuvrability
– Boat assembly
– Safety
– Cap size drills

When is the next Session?

Will be run on Tuesday 7th at 6 pm. For subsequent sessions, please enquire.

What do I Bring?

What you would probably wear for a run. Training shoes aren’t suitable for in the O1, but if you have plimsoles or boot shoes they will work. Alternatively you can use socks.
Bring a change of clothes, towel and water bottle.

I have a question not covered here

Please contact the head coach or contact Amathus.


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